The fact is that now, more than ever, many families are interested in exploring alternative options for their children’s education.

What they find when they explore Southern NH Education Center (SNHEC), home of Southern NH Montessori Academy (SNHMA) and NH School of Applied Learning (NHSAL), is a community dedicated to cultivating the natural brilliance within each student and an equally strong commitment to embracing the diversity of learning styles.

At Southern NH Education Center students learn at their own pace, never constrained nor inhibited by the learning pace of their peers. Students are empowered to select their work assignments each day and are held accountable for completing them. Skills they learn in this environment include: time management, self-direction, prioritization and self-advocacy.

Students at SNHEC learn by doing. By engaging as many of the senses – sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell – the learning experience is enhanced. The mind learns what the body does. When learning is achieved through doing, it is a neurological versus exclusively a cognitive process. This is particularly important as the student matures and evolves from concrete learning to more abstract learning. It gives the learned material something to stick to and a basis for recall in the future.

Southern NH Education Center offers an academically focused education to children ages 3 months to grade 8. Our Children’s House and Elementary programs make up Southern NH Montessori Academy while we support the growth of our Middle School students in the NH School of Applied Learning.

Born of a mother’s love to provide the best possible educational for her son, this passionate dedication permeates SNHEC through not only the administration of the school, but through the instruction by each and every teacher.

SNHEC has a rolling admission and conducts tours daily. Call today and witness for yourself students engaged in their learning, not because they have to, but because they want to.