Ambassador Program

The program is a way to encourage our families to help engage in word-of-mouth community marketing. Parents highly value the recommendations of other parents and families when looking at and making decisions about where to send their children to school. As an Ambassador, you are a first-hand advocate for our school community.

Spread the word about your favorite Montessori Academy!

There are several opportunities for you to be an active SNHEC Ambassador.

Choose three (3) items in which to participate. By participating in our Community Marketing Ambassador Program you will help us to get the word out about our incredible programs and we will provide a $250* tuition credit in gratitude.

*The $250 tuition credit is based on your child attending for 5 days. Tuition credit amounts are prorated based on your child’s schedule if they attend less than 5 days. The tuition credits are applied to accounts in January.