Lower Elementary Gallery

Warm and Cool Leaves

Since the students were studying trees and leaves in class, we took real leaves and drew them on the page with crayon. Using watercolors to get a resist effect, students then painted the leaves with any warm color they chose, and painted the background with any cool colors they chose. Slideshow

Watercolor Layered Landscapes


A two day exercise, we first started by painting full sheets of color of prairie grass, mountains, hills, and sky at sunset. The students implemented several watercolor techniques we studied in a previous week: Leaving the white of the page, dry brush, and wet-on-wet. The next week, students tore the painted pages to create mountains, hills, and grass and laid them together to create a landscape composition. Slideshow

Cup Stencil and Color Mixing


Students started with a plastic cup and black acrylic paints to create overlapping circles on the page. They were then given yellow and red and asked to create as many shades of orange as they could make. The emphasis was on color mixing and getting a clear stamp from a real object. Slideshow

Autumn Trees Blowing in the Wind


Students first used diluted watercolor and straws to blow the brown pigment around the page to create the tree or the branch. We then used real leaves painted with acrylic paints to press onto the page in vibrant reds, oranges and yellows to make the leaves. The emphasis was on color mixing, creating movement with the branches and the leaves, and stamping. Last week’s “Cup Stencil and Color Mixing” exercise was color mixing and stamping practice for this exercise. Slideshow

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