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Why did we choose SNHMA for our daughter? Because she would be bored silly and cause trouble at any other type of school. At the age of six is she already doing second grade level work and has very advanced critical reasoning skills. At SNHMA, the Montessori classroom structure allows her to work at her own pace. This satisfies her desire for constant stimulation which can be translated into learning instead of troublemaking. She can choose new classwork that she finds interesting and challenging whenever she is finished with her old work, or she can watch older kids do projects to stimulate her interest in new areas, and make her want to be like a big kid in productive and meaningful ways. She is constantly asking us to make up challenges for her at home or she gets BORED and creates challenges for herself, which could be a problem in any other kind of classroom. We see her pride in her accomplishments, but we don’t ever hear about school being boring. As a parent, that makes me say, Woo-Hoo!
Deborah L.
Londonderry, NH

“Nurturing curiosity, inspiring confidence and promoting the joys of learning about the world are daily occurrences at SNHMA.”
– Doug H.
Sandown, NH

“A wonderful school environment which nurtures every child’s ability to learn and grow. A child centered, hands-on approach to learning has been a positive educational experience for my daughter.”
– Karen H.
Sandown, NH

SNHMA offers a relaxed learning environment where Hannah can practice and master subjects at her own pace. The teacher are so closely connected to each child’s educational, emotional and spiritual development.”
– Traci M.
Derry, NH

“Mommy, can we sleep at school?”
“I want to know because I don’t want to leave I love it so much.”
– Jeremy,
Manchester, NH

“SNHMA provides an environment balanced with academics, music, art and practical life skills. The emphasis on respect and individuality is impressive. My child has thrived here.”
– Kathy B.
Derry, NH

“We love the focus on the individual at SNHMA…there is acknowledgment that no two students are the same. We also appreciate that the curriculum is rich, diverse and fun.”
– Kim M.
Manchester, NH

“Helping good kids grow in to great people is the culture at SNHMA. Great people, great community.”
Stephen T.
Manchester, NH