Upper Elementary Gallery

Watercolor Covers


Students first created their own unique covers using watercolors and the different techniques we had studied in a previous class.  The next couple weeks were spent measuring and tearing pages of uniform size (no easy feat!) to make the body of the book, preparing the pages for sewing, and then using two needles simultaneously to bind the pages using a double needle coptic stitch. Slideshow


Illuminated Accordion Books


Students created a front and back cover with their initials embellished with pattern and floral motifs. Since illuminated texts were often lined with precious golds, we created ours with a (not as precious) metal as well. A black wash was applied to the aluminum foil to give it an aged look. We created an accordion style book by tearing long pages and using adhesives to string them together.  Students then used the books to practice feather quill calligraphy. Slideshow

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